Even though I'm not an american I love to watch AGT on Youtube.I've always liked it more than any other talent show.this year (2016) is season 11 and they're into the quarter finals.I will put up my favourite acts from seasons 9,10&11 I may occasionaly put ups acts from other seasons too.For each year I will also write down the finalists,the judges& the winner.

Season 11 (2016)

Big Events

Ryan Stock&AmberLynn make a dangerous mistake on Live Television

In Ryan Stock&AmberLynn's quarter final AmberLynn shoots the arrow that was lighted with flames to low and instead of it hitting the target hanging out of his mouth it hit his neck.They showed this on Live Telvision and continued the show.the host,Nick Cannon ran on stage to ask Ryan if everything was okay&he replied saying"I'm okay,I'm okay,It got my shirt I'm okay