Doc McStuffins Season 1

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Doc Mcstuffins
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Episode number Episode number in season Episode Name Plot Released
1 1 Knight Time/A Bad Case of the Pricklethorns Doc discovers that Donny's toy knight Sir Kirby is covered with food and dirt so he needs to take a bath. /Donny's toy bopping bag,Boppy,gets bopped into a rose bush and his air comes out of a hole. 23rd March 2012
2 2 Out of the box/Run Down Race Car One of Doc's Jack-in-the-box,Little Jack,won't pop out because his clothing is stuck.But he is scared about a check-up so his father,Big Jack,demonsrates to him that there is nothing to be afraid of./Donny's Race Car won't move because he is out of battery 23rd March 2012
3 3 Tea Party Tantrum/BLAST OFF! Doc's doll,Suzie Sunshine,is cranky because tropical juice got stuck in her eyes so she couldn't sleep properly./Star Blazer 0,an alien's arms legs fall off because he did'nt have his seatbelt on. 26th March 2012
4 4 Engine 9,feeling fine/The Right Stuff Lenny/Engine 9 a Fire Engine is out of water soi he can't put out fires anymore/While playing adventurers in the bushes Stuffy injures his tail by it being caught on something and his stuffing leaks out.Stuffy tries to show off to the toys by lying but he finds out that it is not good to lie 27th March 2015
5 5 Gulpy,Gulpy Gators/One Note Wonder Gustave one of the gulpy gators fronm Donny's board game eats too many marbles and gets over stuffed.Doc gives him a check-up while the other gators wreck havoc in the waiting room./Alma's xylaphone,Xyla,gets a loose key then the key gets lost under a sink and Doc has to get her a new key. 28th March 2012
6 6 Arcade Escapade/Starry,Starry,night When Doc is playing the claw machine at the arcade she finds out that a toy girraffe is ripped and must be rescued!Doc can't do it but maybe one of her toys can?/Aurora a telescope of Henry's has blurry vision. 29th March 2012
7 7 Ben/Anna Split/That is Just Claw-ful When Ben one of the Huggy Monkey's valcroe hand patch comes undone and it must dry overnight so Ben and Anna must part for the night./A dog takes Hermie the crab's arm off 30th March 2012
8 8 A Good Case of The Hiccups/Stuck Up Millie,a radio with a microphone keeps repeating the same thing on her radio/Donny's friend,Will, brang his toy crane toy the park but it won't work properly.Can Doc fix it? 2nd April 2012
9 9 Rescue Ronda Ready for Take Off/All Washed Up Donny's friend,Luca's toy helicopter,Rescue Ronda,can't fly because a twig got stuck in her proppeller./ Donny's toy robot,Robot Ray went into the water and got wet so he stopped working because he is electronic. Then still after that Robot Ray doesn't follow Doctor's orders and stops working again. 3rd April 2012
10 10 The New Girl/Wrap it Up Doc's Grandmother sends a Japanese doll to Doc./A toy crane is worried about getting a new bandage. 4th April 2012
11 11 Rest Your Rotors Ronda!/Keep On Truckin' Rescue Ronda reaises why it is good to be patient and she can still save the day while not moving./ Donny's toy truck,Tramaine,learns to stay still while being painted. 5th April 2012
12 12 Blame it on the Rain/Busted Boomer Alma's stuffed Cow,MooMoo,gets wet when Alma leaves her in the rain but when she is dry MooMoo still refuses t go back to Alma./A soccer ball is scared about air being put in him with a needle. 6th April 2012
13 13 Dark Knight/Hallie gets an Earfull Sir Kirby learns that dark isn't scary./Hallie's ears get clogged up when hiding under a table. 9th April 2012
14 14 Break Dancer/Bubble Monkey Bella the ballerina's leg gets broken and she needs a cast but she thinks it looks ugly so she refuses to have it so Doc and the toys do drawings,stick on stickers and sprinkle on glitter to make it look nice./A bubble making monkey can't blow bubbles because she has paste in her not bubble mix. 11th April 2012
15 15 Out in the Wild/A Whale of a time Doc uses Lambie's pink scarf as a sling for Robot Ray when his arm gets injured while camping./Doc teaches Lula the sponge whale that we all grow at differnt speeds. 13th April 2012
16 16 The Rip Heard Round the World/Walkie Talkie Time Lambie gets a rip and must be sewed back up./Walter loses his friend Gracie. 20th April 2012
17 17 Un-Bur-Able/Righty on Lefty Stuffy gets covered with burrs when playing astronaugts but is afraid to be himself after./Awesome Guy's legs go on the wrong way around. 3rd May 2012
18 18 Hallie's Happy Birthday!/Shark Style Toothache Doc and the toys throw Hallie a supprise Birthday Party!/Donny's bath toy,a shark,called Mr Chomp gets a toothache when one of his teeth gets a hole.But all the toys are afraid of him! 18th May 2012
19 19 Awesome Possums/The Bunny Blues A patch on Penny the Possum comes loose and one of her babies runs away! Doc and the toys search the house./Alma puts her favourite toy,Pickles,in a garage sale!Is there something wrong? 1st June 2012
20 20 Get Set to Get Wet/Loud Louie Doc finds a wind up mermaid toy at the pool and Doc and the toys teach her how to swim./A toy cellphone is too loud and Doc can't turn down his volume! 22nd June 2012
21 21 Caught Blue Handed/To Squeak or not to Squeak Glo-Bo has paint on his hands (A.K.A mystery pocs) and he spreads it to all the toys./Marvin's Squeaker goes missing. 20th July 2012
22 22 Doctoring The Doc/Hot Persuit For the 1st time ever Doc is sick.The toys give her a Check-Up/A police car gets too hot on his duties. 17th August 2012
23 23 BOO HOO TO YOU!/It's Glow Time! Doc teaches a ghost in a pumpkin to not be scared of Halloween Decorations./Glo-Bo can't glow! 5th October 2012
24 24 Chilly Gets Chilly!/Through the Reading Glasses Chilly acts like a real snowman with nothing on in the freezing cold and he freezes!/Doc receives a toy owl named,Professer HootsBourgh and she can't read because her Glasses are missing! 7th December 2012
25 25 My Huggy Valentine/Dusty Bear On Valentines Day Doc gets a doll named,Val.But she takes over Valentines Day and leaves Lambie out./ Donny is alergic to dust and his favourite Teddy Bear,Teddy.B,is covered with dust so Donny can't play with him anymore! 1st February 2013
26 26 Bronty Boo-Boos/Brontosaurus Breath A new toy,Bronty,injures the toys./Bronty has stinky breath so he brushes his teeth. May 3rd 2013