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Episode number Episode number in season Episode Name Plot Released
27 1 Doc McStuffins goes McMobile/Chip off the Old Box Doc is fixing a toy at the park but she doesn't have the right equiptment so she goes home and builds a mobile clinic with her dad so she can fix toys wherever she is!/Big Jack's crank breaks so Little Jack has to do the Juggling Jack act on his own for Buddy's Birthday Party. 6th September 2013
28 2 Awesome Guy's Awesome Arm/Lamb in a Jam Awesome Guy's Arm gets hurt while lifting too many toys./On Take your toy to school day Lambie gets into Doc's bag and gets covered with jam because of a leaking sandwich.Then Stuffy goes in and also gets covered in jam.The two feel bored,angry and sad about not going to school but Hallie shows them that it can be fun staying at home sometimes. 13th September 2013
29 3 Diagnosis not even close-is/Bronty's Twisted Tail Doc is away from the clinic for the afternoon to play with Emmie and Rudi while the toys try to help a patient but they learn that they should tell Doc not to try do it thierselves./Doc makes a music band but it is ruined when Stuffy crashes into Bronty 20th September 2013
30 4 Frida Fairy Flies Again/A Tale Of Two Dragons A Fairy kite rips her wing./Stuffy is jelous when the toys pay attention to Dragonbot not Stuffy. 27th September 2013
31 5 Think Pink/You Foose,You lose Chilly turns Pink in the wash!/Johney Foseball a player on Donny's Fooseball game won't spin. 3rd October 2013
32 6 Leilani's Luau/Karate Kangaroos Doc gets a hula toy from Hawaii so Doc and the toys throw her a Luau./Angus doesn't want to fight Angus because that is his phobia. 17th October 2013
33 7 Doc To The Rescue/Don't Knock The Noggin Doc saves a fashion doll from a tree./An action figure named Steve loses his helmet and can't do stunts correctly. 24th October 2013
34 8 Disco Dress-Up Daisy/The Glider Brothers Dress-Up Daisy breaks her arm while roller-skating and gets a fashionable pink arm cast and Lambie gets jelous so she pretends to be sick and get a cast./Donny's toy planes wreck havoc. 8th November 2013
35 9 Kirby & The King/Bubble Monkey,Blow your nose Sir Kirby and the Wicked King get stuck together with paste and have to work together to escape from Donny's room./Bubble Monkey has a runny nose and Bubble Mix goes all over the toys 15th November 2013
36 10 Professer Pancake/You Crack Me Up Professer HootsBourgh gets flattened under Doc's Toy Box./Gloria a Gorilla is scratching her stomach because of rips. 22nd November 2013
37 11 A Very McStuffins Christmas An elf named Tobais breaks Donny's no.1 present on Christmas eve so Doc and the toys travel to the North Pole to find the missing part and fix him and Doc and the Toys might even meet Father Christmas himself! 1st December 2013
38 12 The Doctor Will See You now/Little Egghead Feels the heat The toys in the child,play waiting area have got covered with strange coloured spots.It seems that a new toy named Favio is spreading them when he shakes his beautiful,rainbow coloured,play dough hair./An electronic brainy egg named,Little Egghead,is having a challenge with Professer HootsBourgh when he gives silly answers due to being out in the hot sun too long. 12th December 2013
39 13 The Big Sleepover/No Sweetah Cheetah Doc gets homesick at a sleepover./A toy Cheetah named Rita has lots of spots and the toys run away from her because they think she has Mystery Pocs. 10th January 2014
40 14 Big Head Hallie/Peaches Pie Take a Bath Hallie brags to all the toys that a Hallie Hippo toy add was on Television and makes them feel left out. /A Peach scented toy,Peaches Pie,gets licked by a dog and smells like wet dog not peaches anymore. 31st January 2014
41 15 Celestial Celeste/Run,Doc,Run Doc's new space toy named Celeste projects stars and planets on the ceiling but beads get stuck underneath her projecter and make them look funny./Doc trips up on a toy unicorn and sprains her ankle so she might not be able to run in the Fun Run! 14th February 2014
42 16 A Fairy Big Knot/Rosie The Rescuer Frida Fairy's String gets tangled on a windy day./Rosie,an ambulance panics in an real emergency and forgets her training.Doc diagnoses her with Panik-Itis. 4th April 2014
43 17 Crikey!It's Wildlife Will/Rootin Tootin Southwest Sal A dog takes Wildlife Will's legs of so Doc makes him a wheelchair./Alma's Cowgirl doll,Southwest Sal,can't lasso so Doc and the toys show her there are lots of other great things she can do. 8th April 2014
44 18 Take Your Doc To Work Day/Blazer's Bike Doc teaches a doll with curly hair that if she doesn't like her hair she can change the style./Star Blazer 0 can't keep his balance on his bike because he was wearing the wrong helmet. 24th April 2014
45 19 The Big Storm/Spritzy Mitzy In a bad storm Chilly falls out of the wagon carrying the toys and must stay in the clinic until Doc is allowed out!/A sprinkler toy gets a rock in one of her waer holes and gets a big rip. 16th May 2014
46 20 Dad's Favourite Toy/Chily&The Dude Saltwater Serge and Wellington Whale won't work properly due to Dad playing with them so much when he was young./Chilly feels jelous when another stuffed snowman arives at the McStuffins house 13th June 2014
47 21 Serpent Sam Makes A Splash!/Sir Kirby&The Plucky Princess A water gun snake,Sepent Sam,fills up with Soda instead of Water./Sir Kirby has a challenge with a Princess to see who is more knightly. 21st June 2014/11th July 2014
48 22 The Wicked King&The Mean Queen/Take A Stroll A new toy toy arrives at the McStuffins house,Queen Ameana,She has a game of find the 5 gold coins with the Wicked King to see who is more mean./Doc teaches a baby doll,Tiny Tessie, to move and get out of her stroller. 25th July 2014
49 23 Ooey Gablooey Springs a Leak/There Is a King In Your Tummy A Blue Goo Starfish gets a hole and leaks goo all over the clinic when he sees the goo he freezes and Doc tells him to calm down./Serpent Sam accedentily swallows the Wicked King when gathering water so Doc and the toys help the Wicked King exit his stomach safely. 22nd August 2014
50 24 Doc's Busy Day/Wrong Side Of The Law Doc's toddler cousin plays roughly with her toys so Doc organises them to make it easier./Officer Pete's windshield gets cracked so he can't see clearly. 26th September 2014
51 25 Mirror,Mirror On My Penguin/Hide and EEEK! Baby Suki's toy penguin,Waddly,is sad because she does'nt want to play with her and Doc relises that the mirror on Waddly is covered with baby spit./While playing Hide And Seek the toys find a toy monster and they're scared of them but Doc introduces him to the toys and they find out that he looks scary on the outside but he is really friendly on the inside. 3rd October 2014
52 26 McStuffins School Of Medicine/The Super Amazing Ultra Hoppers Emmie lends Doc a blue teddy bear,Tundra,and Doc teaches her to be a doctor so for that day Tundra is Doc's intern./Donny gets new DIY springy toys and when they come to life they are all brothers but one of them is shorter than the others. 13th October 2014
53 27 Let The Nightingale Sing! Doc and the toys travel to the 1800s and meet Florence Nightingale as a child and Doc and Hallie teach her how to be a great nurse like Hallie 2nd November 2014
54 28 Hazel Has a Sleeover/My Breakfast With Bronty Hazel,a toy water gun shaped like an elephant's trunk keeps leaking when she goes to sleep so Doc takes a look./Bronty didn't listen to Doc's warning so he stomps on the table and the Maple Syrup falls over causing Bronty's back legs to get stuck together. 7th November 2014
55 29 Training Army Al/Sproingo Boingo Takes The Leap It's Donny's Turtle Troop Weekend and one of his toys has to go Army Al steps up but Bronty is worried about him seeing what happened in the training./The Wicked King challenges Donny's new slinkey toy to jump from a height and he hurts himself after doing it and he learns that you should'nt let your friends tell you what to do. 11th November 2014
56 30 Shell Shy/Commander No A new toy Sea Turtle arrives t the McStuffins House and he notices that they have the most popular toy in the aquariam:Hermie.The Sea Turtle is really shy living with a popular toy./While playing Tickle-Tag Commander starts to change shapes due to a stuck button but he still doesn't want to play Tickle-Tag. 21st November 2014
57 31 The Flimsy,Grumpy Bat/Rockstar Ruby & The Toys A cardboard Bat gets wet and soggy but won't let Doc look at him due to his grumpiness./Doc gets a Rockstar Doll from a Yard Sale and the Microphone button is sticky so it won't work and she is going to quit being a Rockstar! 5th December 2014
58 32 A DAY WITHOUT CUDDLES!/Collide-O-Scope Lambie gets flour on her on International Cuddle Day!/Doc's new Kaleidoscope's mirrors get cracked so Doc looks inside her. 13th Febuary 2015
59 33 Crash Course/Luna On The Moon-a A Taxi Driver doesn't pay attention to what he was doing and crashes!/An astronaught Doll loses the Grip on the bottom of her boots so she can't climb her mountain. 13th March 2015
60 34 Fully In Focus/Picky Nikki Doc's Veiwmaster,Viewy Stewy,has two discs in so he sees two mixed pictures instead of the photo taken./ Doc's piggybank refuses to have a Bill put in her because she only likes shiny coins.Doc and the toys show her that trying something new can be fun. 13th March 2015
61 35 Getting To the Heart Of Things/Toy In The Sun Kari lends Doc a plastic doll named Coach Kay to fix because she is not whistling properly and Doc must open her up like surgery.Doc and the toys tell her that to be brave./Bronty sits out in the sun overnight and his plastic fades.Doc repaints him. 13th March 2015
62 36 Three Goats Cuddling/Swimmer's Belly Farmer Jack's kid's coats get tangled./Melinda Mermaid loses her balance due to swimming downwards and water getting into her belly. 21st August 2015
63 37 Twin Tweaks The Twirly Twins,Jaz&Chaz, can't stay on top of each other due to Jaz's shoes were on backwards 12th September 2015