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Season 3


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Episode Number Episode Number In Season Episode Name Plot Released
64 1 A Big Pain In A Teddy's Tummy/Slip'n'Slide A thorn gets in Teddy.B's tummy which pricks Doc&Donny.When Doc tells Teddy.B that he pricked Donny his feelings get hurt and he hides!/Stuffy jumps into the park swimming pool wishing he could go in water causing his plush to get wet and soggy 9th July 2015/2nd July 2015
65 2 Boxed In/Itty Bitty Bess Takes Flight Doc recieves a dancing doll from hr grandmother but she won't come out of her box due to her fear of getting messy./Itty Bitty Bess's plane gets rusted. 16th July 2015/23rd July 2015
66 3 Top Lamb/Molly Molly Mouthfull Doc gets a pink play kitchen and when she shows it to the toys Lambie loves it and doesn't wait until morning like Doc said.In the situation Lambie breaks the play oven and hurts her paw./A toy made for eating flapjacks choaks on one and Doc has to remove the flapjacks and teach Molly Molly a lesson about talking with a mouth full of food. 29th July 2015/30th July 2015
67 4 Doc's Dream Team/Filling Chilly Doc's dad reads Doc a scary bedtime story to her about a 3 eyed purple monster.When Doc falls asleep she has a bad dream about the monster so the toys calm her down and tell her it was only a dream./Chilly's stuffing comes out so Doc fills him up with cotton balls. 6th August 2015/4th August 2015
68 5 Fetchin' Findo/A Dragon's Best Friend A toy puppy who is supposed to fetch a bone keeps fetching other things due to sand stuck in his nose./ Doc & The Toys find a lost toy at the park and name him Squibbles.They adopt him aswell.(Note:This episode goes for 35 mins.) 14th August 2015
69 6 Take Your Pet To The Vet/Master & Commander Doc and the toys are excited about the pet hamster at school coming but she is sick so Doc and her mum take her to the vet./Commander Crush falls off a chair and learns to keep all four chair legs on the ground. 14th August 2015
70 7 Stuffy & Squibbles/Queen Of Thrones Stuffy learns to have fun and take care of Squibbles./While playing musical chairs Stuffy accidentily knocks over Wicked King and Queen Ameana's castle but when rebuilding it Queen Ameana is called bossy which hurts her feelings.When Doc comes in she explains to the toys that she wasn't being bossy she was being a great leader. 21st August 2015
71 8 Huggable Hallie/Pop Up Paulo A voice chip in Hallie's stomach falls down into her foot and her foot keeps talking!/A pop up goodie bag toy fakes to be hurt to get attention several times but when he actually is hurt the toys don't believe him. 28th August 2015
72 9 Nurse's Office/A Case Of The Glitters Nervous about school chilly pretends to be sick to go to the Nurse's Office./Glitter gets in Dress Up Daisy's hair which spreads to all the toys when wearing her hat but when the glitter is out of Daisy's hat and hair the toys still don't want to play with her.The Glitters to a human is Head Lice 18th September 2015
73 10 Doc McStuffins Goes To Washington/Winded Winnie Doc gets an invite to the White House in Washington DC from Michelle Obama but a toy breaks there and she can't find her child so she runs around the White House calling for her./A ballon blowing toy can't breathe properly due to dust in her lungs. 5th October 2015
74 11 Hallie Halloween/Don't Fence Me In On Halloween Hallie wanders off after a Hallie Hippo costume and gets lost.When Doc & The Toys find Hallie they teach her the importance of staying safe while Trick-Or-Treating./Gustave Gator gets stuck in a fence while chasing a marble so Doc & The toys try to get him out safely. 9th October 2015
75 12 Demitir the Dazzling/Smitten With A Kitten Doc gets a new toy that performs magic tricks/Doc brings home a toy kitten but she seems to be nervous and scared.Doc tells the toys that new toys need to get used to their new surroundings 2nd November 2015
76 13 The Search For Squibbles/Factory Fabulous Squibbles gets lost during pet training/Doc does a check-up on a new toy and finds out he is missing an arm but it turns out the factory forgot to put the arm on but Doc tells him and the toys that every toy is different in a way. 2nd November 2015
77 14 Lambie Gets The Linties/Moo-Moo's Tutu Boo-Boo Doc must remove the lint from Lambies plush for her to be in Proffesser Hoostbourgh's portrait but Lambie forces Doc to rush it but Doc explains she could get ripped if she rushes it/When Alma leaves Moo-Moo at Doc's house she gives the toys a Ballet lesson but gets ripped on accident 6th November 2015
78 15 The New Nurse/Chilly's Loose Button When Hallie gets injured Dress-Up Declan votes to be the new nurse./Lambie accedentily snags one of Chilly's buttons and leaves it hanging by a thread 13th November 2015
79 16 Say It Again Sadie/Mind Over Matter When Alma's new talking doll stops talking Doc takes a look and she realises that toys must talk to learn English/Doc incourages Saltwater Serge to use his imagination 20th November 2015